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A trip to the barbershop is about more than just receiving a new haircut—it’s about the atmosphere and experience. Finding the ideal barbershop in a crowded metropolis like New York can be difficult. However, even when you’ve found the ideal barbershop, you must understand basic grooming etiquette to ensure a positive grooming experience.

This article will walk you through the procedures necessary to make the most of your visit to a barbershop in NYC, from learning how to engage with your barber to understanding the do’s and don’ts of barbershop etiquette. So sit back, relax, and keep reading to learn the dos and don’ts of a successful grooming experience in the Big Apple.

Do’s: Arrive On Time, Communicate Clearly, And Have An Idea Of The Style You Want

Being on time for your appointment is crucial when visiting a barbershop in New York City. The barbershop is a busy area, and being on time demonstrates respect for both the barber’s time and the other customers waiting their turn.

Furthermore, you should discuss clearly with the barber about the style you want. In doing so, make sure you use precise language and, if you can, include references and images.

This will ensure that you and your barber are on the same page, resulting in a positive grooming session. It is also beneficial to have an idea of the style you desire before your appointment. This saves time and eliminates any confusion or misinterpretation during the haircut.

Don’ts: Show Up With Dirty Hair, Be On Your Phone, Or Micromanage The Barber

Haircut & Shave: Signature haircut and smooth shave in West Village New York, NY

Coming in with dirty hair is one of the biggest “don’ts” in barbershop etiquette. It is not only disrespectful to the barber, but it also makes their job significantly more difficult. It may be more difficult to get a neat, accurate cut with dirty hair in the clippers. Not to mention that it can be upsetting for other customers in the shop.

Another significant ‘don’t’ is using your phone while grooming. Not only is it disrespectful to the barber who is attempting to provide you with a service, but it also detracts from the experience.

Barbershops are social places where people go to unwind, converse, and interact with others. Being on your phone not only interrupts the mood, but also prevents you from engaging in conversation and developing a connection with your barber.

Furthermore, refrain from micromanaging the barber. While it is normal to want a specific style or look, it is critical to trust the barber’s abilities and competence. Interrupting and giving specific directions repeatedly can be frustrating for the barber and result in a less-than-satisfactory outcome. It is critical to explain your desired look before the service begins, and then allow the barber to work their magic.

Dos: Tip Appropriately, And Provide Feedback

Buzz Cut: Trendy buzz cut style in New York City

In New York City, it is traditional to tip your barber 15-20% of the total service fee. This not only expresses gratitude for their efforts, but also helps to foster a positive relationship with your barber.

If you are unclear how much to tip, a decent rule of thumb is to base it on the quality of service you received. If you were especially happy with your haircut, try leaving a slightly larger tip to express your appreciation.

Giving the barber constructive criticism both during and after your haircut is just as vital as acknowledging their skill and leaving a suitable tip. Don’t be scared to ask questions or voice concerns if anything doesn’t feel quite right while the barber is working.

However, be cautious about how you share your feedback. Being impolite or contemptuous can lead to conflict and an unpleasant encounter. Rather, be courteous and, if necessary, provide constructive criticism. Let the barber know whether you are happy with the outcome and give them a quick thank you after your haircut.

If there are any problems, gently bring them up with your barber so they can make the necessary corrections. This will not only help you feel satisfied with your haircut when you leave the business, but it will also enable the barber to improve their abilities and give future customers greater service.

Don’ts: Bring Children Or Pets, Or Take Photos Without Permission

Kid's Cut: Professional children's haircut at a family-friendly barbershop in New York City

One last thing to avoid is bringing kids or pets to the barbershop. Even though certain places could let well-behaved kids in, it’s advisable to leave them at home whenever you can. Barbers may find it challenging to give their finest work when dealing with restless and unruly children. Regarding pets, keep in mind that while some people feel more at ease with animals than others, they can also be a distraction in the shop.

Furthermore, it’s critical to get consent before snapping pictures at a barbershop. Even if you might want to take a picture of your brand-new haircut, you should be considerate of the barbers’ and other customers’ privacy. Asking permission before taking any photos is always necessary because some might not want their photo taken.

Dos: Engage In Conversation, Ask Questions, And Be Respectful Of Other Clients’ Personal Space

A man gets a haircut from a friendly barber

It’s critical to communicate with your barber. By doing this, you may not only let your barber know what kind of haircut or style you want, but you also get to know them better and enjoy the process more. Do not be afraid to ask questions or provide comments during your haircut. This not only helps the barber understand your tastes but also demonstrates that you are involved in the process.

In addition to conversing with your barber, you should respect the personal space of other clients. Barbershops can be crowded, so be cautious of others around you. Keep your items close by and avoid taking up too much room. Stay calm and don’t bother others receiving their haircuts if there is a wait. Both the client and the barber may find this distracting and uncomfortable.

Don’ts: Be Overly Critical Or Demanding, Haggle Over Prices, Or Distract The Barber

Shave: Classic straight razor shave in New York City

It is crucial to remember that barbers are experienced professionals who take delight in what they do. Being overly critical or demanding might make the barber and client feel uptight and uncomfortable.

Instead, place your trust in your barber’s competence and convey your desired style simply and respectfully. This will not only make the experience more enjoyable, but it will also ensure that you get the best haircut possible.

Another common mistake in the barbershop is bargaining over prices. Negotiating a lesser price may seem appealing, but keep in mind that barbers put in a lot of effort to deliver high-quality services, and they ought to be paid appropriately. Attempting to bargain might be perceived as disrespectful, and may result in a poor haircut or even being turned away from the store entirely.

Remember to be considerate of both the environment in the barbershop and your behavior. The flow of the barbershop can be disrupted by distractions like talking on the phone, playing loud music, or bringing in outside food and drinks. This makes it harder for the barber to concentrate on giving a perfect haircut. 

Wrapping Up

By following these simple dos and don’ts, not only will you have a successful grooming experience, but you will also build a positive and respectful relationship with your barber. And in a city like New York, where first impressions are crucial, having a great barber by your side can make all the difference. Experience the ultimate grooming experience with Neighborhood Cut and Shave. Book your appointment now!