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Going to the barbershop is always a relaxing and refreshing part of any weekly routine. You get to relax, try on a new look, and leave feeling completely rejuvenated! We recommend bundling your haircut with a shave at your next hair appointment. There are many amazing benefits to bundling your haircut and shave in the same appointment, and these are just a few.

close-up image of barber using razor to line up trimmed beard

Professional Hairstyles For Men

Typically, professional hairstyles for men focus on matching both haircut and facial hair, whether you’ve got a beard, clean shave, or something in between. These calculated choices allow men to feel more confident, ultimately carrying an aura of masculinity and success with them wherever they go. Professional hairstyles for men allow you to take on the day with bravado. Pair your next haircut with a shave and discover the perfectly groomed head you deserve.

image of barber using cutting shears to trim another man’s beard

Save Money

Getting a haircut and shave at the same time helps you save both time and money, and, since time is money, it’s a double savings. You don’t have to pay two separate tabs or two tips for your haircut and shave services. Instead, at Neighborhoods Cut and Shave, everything can be taken care of at the same time. All you need to do from there is sit back, relax, and enjoy your cut and shave.

man using electric clippers to trim client’s beard

Less Hassle

Sometimes, people make two different appointments for haircuts and shaves, at two different barber shops. This means that they must take time out of their busy schedule twice per week instead of just once. We know these people have never been to their local Neighborhood Cut and Shave! When you get it done at the same time, it allows you to get back to your busy schedule and enjoy your fresh look quicker.

image of man using straight razor to shave neck of client

Tall, Dark, and Handsome

Haircuts and shaves are an easy way to improve confidence. Sometimes, if you’re feeling less than yourself, all you really need is a fresh haircut. Doubling up the refresh by getting a haircut and shave in the same appointment simply maximizes confidence, allowing you to conquer the day.

Getting a haircut and shave at your next appointment adds convenience to your life and everyone enjoys freshening up their look. Eliminating the need for multiple hair care appointments while simultaneously upgrading to your most authentic look is always a great idea. Be sure to book an appointment with one of our expert stylists today!