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In the last year, many of us have probably not ventured out of the home to get a nice haircut. Maybe you’ve been shaving your own head, maybe you have a spouse or roommate who has been trimming away at the fringe. But with the world slowly reopening, what better time to get a new haircut than now? In today’s post we’ll cover some of the best reasons to splurge and treat yourself to a high-quality haircut at Neighborhood Cut & Shave in New York. Schedule your own haircut today!

man looking stylish with a nice haircut

Boost Your Confidence

The first reason to get a nice haircut is simply to boost your confidence. While you may not always spend big on yourself, you are worth it! Almost nothing can make you feel better about how you look than getting your hair cut by a professional, experienced barber.

closeup of a man’s haircut

Enjoy A Date

Have a big date planned? Whether it’s a first date, an anniversary, or just a night out on the town with your spouse, you can stun them with a fresh haircut! From first impressions to reigniting an old flame, you always want to look your best for the person you care about most.

man looking stylish with a nice haircut

Add In A Shave

Want to look even better? Add in a shave when you visit Neighborhood Cut & Shave! We know how important your facial scruff is, and our team of barbers can shape, style, and trim it to look incredible — no matter the length.

stylish man running his hand through his hair

It’s Time To Reenter The World

Now that we can all start to slowly emerge from our caves, it’s time to start looking presentable for human interaction again! At Neighborhood Cut & Shave, we are committed to helping you look and feel great about yourself, all while adhering to safety guidelines to make you feel comfortable when you visit our shop. Schedule your haircut with one of our New York locations today!