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Maintaining your beard is as easy as tossing your razor aside and letting your facial hair do its thing, right?

If you want a tangled mess that looks like it hasn’t been touched in months (because it hasn’t!), sure. But if you want a nicely trimmed beard that frames your face perfectly and complements your hair, you’ll need to follow the three tips below to keep yours looking great.

At Neighborhood Cut and Shave, we can help you trim your beard and help you find products that make your beard look, feel, and smell great. Visit us in New York City or Brooklyn, and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

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Trim Your Beard Frequently

Trimming your beard frequently is one of the most effective ways to keep your beard healthy. Beard trimming is actually similar to haircuts in the way that it can prevent split ends, dryness, and general unkemptness. 

Small trims every now and then can go a long way toward keeping your beard healthy as it gets longer and longer, but you can also schedule appointments on a regular basis if you have a certain length you want your beard to be.

If you need a high-end barber shop in New York City or Brooklyn, make Neighborhood Cut and Shave your first call!

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Use A Beard Oil

How great would your hair look if you never used shampoo or conditioner? It’d be a greasy, tangled mess, right? Beard oil serves a variety of purposes, depending on the brand and product you purchase. But in general, beard oil is designed to make your beard hair softer, more manageable, and smelling great.

Barber trimming a beard.

Beard Moisturizer

Few things are worse than under-beard itching that just won’t stop. Your face needs moisture on a regular basis, as does the hair that grows out of it! Beard moisturizer provides nourishment and hydration to the skin and hair follicles, further softening the skin and relieving any symptoms of dry skin you may be experiencing.

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Schedule an Appointment With Neighborhood Cut and Shave

Whether you’ve just decided to grow your beard or you’ve been working on yours for years, it’s important to find a barbershop that can help you look and feel your best.

Neighborhood Cut and Shave has served the area since 2010, and our talented team can help you totally transform your look or maintain the one you have.

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