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Are you growing out a beard and trying to decide what its final form should be? Do you have a giant, unkempt growth of facial hair that you want to tame a bit? Then keep reading to learn about a few of the many, many, many ways to style your beard. If you want professional help from expert barbers in New York City, make an appointment with Neighborhood Cut & Shave in Brooklyn or the West Village.

man with 5 o'clock shadow working at his desk

The Five O’Clock Shadow

Getting the perfect Five o’clock shadow isn’t as easy as you’d think. While some guys have that look first thing in the morning (or by the end of the day), in order to maintain that style, it takes some work. The most important thing to remember is that your beard, even if it’s little more than stubble, needs to be even to look intentional (or perfectly unintentional). Let your beard grow until it’s even, and then use a trimmer to keep it at the right length.

man with well-trimmed beard standing in his office

The Corporate Beard

While the kinds of beards that are acceptable in an office have expanded a lot over the years, a good corporate beard needs to be as clean and precise as your suit. A good corporate beard is really straightforward — it’s a meticulously groomed full beard. Keep it under an inch long, make sure your neck is cleanly trimmed, and you should be good to go.

man with well-maintained beard

The Power Beard

What’s a power beard? It’s your natural beard grown to at least four inches. The amazing thing about a power beard is how unique they are. If you put a bunch of bearded fellows in a line, nearly every one of them would look different. Some guys grow dense, tightly curled beards while others are in ZZ Top country. But a good power beard needs to be maintained. Keep it clean, get it trimmed so it looks even, and make sure you manage your mustache.

close up of man with long, unruly beard

The Santa Claus

Whether you’ve gone grey or not, a Santa Claus beard is long and bushy and inviting. If you’re going to try to pull this one off, you’re going to need patience, luck, and even more patience. Regular trims, beard oil, and a pinch of Christmas magic will make your beard grow better.

Whatever kind of beard you rock, the barbers at Neighborhood Cut & Shave can help you take care of it. Book an appointment today!