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Summer is the best time to update your look. Be sure to choose a style that can make you feel and look your best, most especially during those busy months. Fortunately, you don’t need to make some dramatic changes. An easier way of changing your style is to make some small adjustments.

If you have kept your hair short for quite some time, then perhaps you might want to keep a bit more length on the top portion. On the other hand, if you have been enjoying a fuller or a mid-length look, then it’s time that you should make it a bit tighter to have some blend.

What if you still love your style but just need to make some changes? If this is the case, then you might want to consider having a fresher new look by having a lighter panel or adding a fashion color so you could mix things up. The following are some of the most recommended summer trends.

Clean Fade

You can always assure that a clean fade will never go out of style. Be sure to keep it tight so you can feel comfortable during the summer. Extend the length on top a bit so you can make a sweep from one side. The little length can provide you with some sense of style. If you hate messing up with your style, then simply use a styling cream to set it and you can just forget it.

Short Crop

The short crop is making a strong come back and this time it has made a difference. Traditionally, a crop is simply laid down flat. But this time, it has more movement and texture. Rather than having a short front hairline, it is advisable that you should keep more length so that you can use your styling product on it. Simultaneously, you can obtain some definition and isolation on top. Having this style can give you a slightly disheveled look instantly along with a more flexible clipper cut length beneath. To create some movement and isolation, the best option is to use a grooming molding paste. You can assure that it won’t leave your hair feeling rigid and stiff.

Mid-Length Clean Up

Keep in mind that length is still popular, most barber shops are offering various lengths. On the other hand, those who already have some lengths are willing to continue to keep it. However, take note that this style will require more control and maintenance. Having a clean-up every now and then can help you in control the bulk while allowing you to have a more controlled look. If you are looking to have an easy style, then you can choose a textured mid-length style that gently flows in the back and sweeps across the front. A wonderful look that you can wear even in the summer heat.

Styling: Trendsetting hairstyling services at a renowned barbershop in New York City

Don’t want to feel crunchy but needs more control? The best option is to use a leave-in conditioner to give you some control while helping prevent flyaway strands.

Summer Tones

Color is the best way of expressing yourself. A popular option would be having a bold color such as having a bleached-out look all over or choosing a very light top. Sometimes a bold fashion color is embedded into a particular area, but if you want to be bolder, you can spread it all over. You can easily pull off any color that you want. However, you can also consult your barber or stylist so that they can give you some recommendations. The process of adding color to your hair does not take long. When done properly, you can immediately add some glamour to your style.

Summer will be a fun season with different varieties. There are a lot of options that you can choose from. The best thing to do is to consult your stylist or barber. Inquire about the latest trends or something that you have seen. Don’t be scared to express yourself; just have some fun and enjoy.

How Do You Freshen Your Look?

As summer and spring get nearer, you should try to freshen up your look. Making some changes to your hair can definitely create an impact. You don’t have to force it, just relax. Even how small the change is, it can create a big difference in your look! To help you achieve this, we will showcase three unique looks. These three haircuts are perfect as the season changes.

Modern Classic Along with a Low Taper

You can assure that this look will never go out of style! For decades now, different variations have existed. You want to have a shorter look, but at the same time, you also like to have a sense of style. The good news is you can have that and much more by choosing this haircut! By keeping the sides of your head lean, you can have a tapered neckline.

Is the neckline important? You should consider that with a low taper, you can grow out cleanly, whereas a squared-off neckline can result in uneven growth. On the top, there should be enough length to allow styling. If this area is extremely short, then there won’t be enough for pushing back, up, or over to the side. The hair can be combed up and part line to get the look that you want. You can use a styling cream if you want to set your look and just forget about it. With this modern classic, you can gain some confidence as you are heading out the door.

Kid's Cut: Professional children's haircut at a family-friendly barbershop in New York City

High Fade Combined with a Disconnected Length

This look shows that curls can be manipulated in various ways. In this style, you will be able to enjoy both worlds. You can retain a longer length on top while the bottom is faded out. It is undeniable that length and curl continue to be very popular and in demand. Most men have learned to embrace their curls and how the hair falls will depend on its shape. In this style, you can have more control.

Underneath the head, everything is faded out down to the skin. With a clean fade, it runs smoothly through the temple. Fading the hair can help in giving you more control over your curl and change the shape. Rather than having a large, round, puffy shape, it will now turn into a clean and lean shape. The length on top is shortened so there is more control over the shape regardless of the length falling down. To keep the curls intact, be sure to use a leave-in conditioner. With this disconnected look, you can keep your hair longer on top while enjoying a smooth style below. Ultimately, this is the best of both worlds!

Mid-Length Blended with Texture Look

You have grown some length and are now wondering what you are going to do about it. It took you some time to grow your length and this time you want to show it off. The key here is your haircut. In order to control the density at the bottom, it should be collapsed so that it stays closer to the head whenever you like something cleaner.

Although you could also mix things up by using a styling product to highlight the separation. There should be some length at the top, especially on the right portion so you can push it back and out. Although some styling products can also be used to obtain more texture and lift things up.

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