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When you get a fresh haircut, it usually looks and feels amazing, but after a day or two the luster has worn off and you have to figure out how to style it yourself. Each type of hair and style needs a different type of pomade, so today we’re going to give some general recommendations for you to consider in your daily care. To get a great new look, visit Neighborhood Cut & Shave in New York!


Messy, Textured Hair 

One of the most popular looks for hair is the perfectly messy textured look. For this look, you’ll want to consider texture or clay pomades. These are easy to work with and don’t normally add much shine to your hair. Depending on the type you get, you may need to apply it to damp or dry hair.


Smooth, Sleek Hair

Classic, shiny and sleek pomade never goes out of style. No matter the occasion, you can never go wrong with the perfect classy look. For this type of hair, you will want either wax or cream pomades. Your preference will largely depend on how stiff you want the hair to be and how much shine you want it to have.


Full, Thick Hair

When you want to boost the volume and density of your hair, you should try a thickening pomade. This is the perfect type of pomade if your hair is thin or thinning, and is often difficult to control.


Get Personal Recommendations 

Want a personal recommendation on the right type of pomade to help you achieve your desired look? Come in to Neighborhood Cut & Shave and talk to one of our professional barbers! We will be able to recommend you the right kind of pomade that will look great in your hair for every occasion.