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image of clean hair cutting tools laying on a table in a line

Maintaining your luscious locks is a full-time job!

There is a lot that goes into your hair care routine. Hair must be brushed, washed, and cut frequently to maintain its beautiful look and health. However, many people are left confused as to how often they should trim their hair. Also, does trimming promote hair growth? Join us as we answer these questions and much more.

close up of barber’s fingers trimming hair

Frequent Trims

The short answer is that you should trim your hair three to four times a year. This is typically all you hair needs for it to maintain its healthiest look. Many people experience dead ends, and quarterly trims seem to be enough to manage them realistically. Of course, for shorter hair styles or for those whose hair grows quicker, you’ll want to get a touch up more frequently to ensure your style remains fresh. Speak with your stylist about your personalized trim frequency plan.

top view of man getting hair trimmed

Hair Growth

There is no definitive answer as to whether or not hair growth actually improves with more frequent trims. However, the appearance of your hair is often noticeably healthier each time you trim it. The removal of dead ends encourages new, healthy strands of hair to grow in its place, and can help reduce further damage, regardless of how frequently you trim it.

stylist combing his client`s hair with fantastic neatness

Professional Stylists

It’s always better to get a trim from a professional hair stylist than attempting a DIY job at home. Regardless of how many tutorials you watch, self-cuts have a high rate of ending in disaster, resulting in making an appointment with your local stylist and covering your hair until you can have it fixed. Our stylists at Neighborhood Cut & Shave agree that it’s best to visit their comfortable chairs three to four times per year and leave the trimming to them.

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The products in your hair contribute to its overall health and appearance. The shampoo you use can infuse shine, remove dandruff, and promote growth while you’re in between trims. Adding products that enhance the quality of your hair makes it easier to stick to a routine with trimming. Ask your trusted stylist about which products are right for your hair style and routine.

Ultimately, your hair care routine is up to you. However, following the basic premise of visiting your local Neighborhood Cut and Shave will keep your hair looking healthy and shiny. While it’s undetermined if trimming your hair can help it grow, it sure does make it look great!