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If you’ve recently gotten your hair cut, you probably want to keep up with your look and continue to feel great with your hairstyle. But how long should you let it grow before coming to Neighborhood Cut & Shave in New York to get it trimmed again? We’ll take a look at a few different options and discuss the best timeframe for scheduling a haircut here, so continue reading!


Short Hair

If you have a shorter haircut that is close-cropped, you will likely need to come in every few weeks to fully maintain the look. Hair grows at approximately half an inch every month, and while that may not sound like a lot, it can start to mess with your style if your hair is normally very short.


Long Hair

The longer your hair, the longer you can go without getting a cut. Half an inch a month is less noticeable if you have  longer hair, but that can start to get in the way of how you normally style your hair. If you have a medium to long style, you can probably come in about once a month to get a refresh.


Growing It Out

Deciding to take a few months off and grow your hair out? It’s always fun to change up your look, but you may still want to schedule a cut while your hair is growing. This helps to get rid of split ends, promoting better hair growth. It also will help your hair stay styled and manageable.


Schedule Your Cut With Neighborhood Cut & Shave

No matter what your hair looks like now, you can schedule your next appointment with Neighborhood Cut & Shave at one of our New York barber shops! Our expert barbers and stylists will make your hair look and feel incredible.